A guide to
OamiShirasato International Friendship Association



c/o Lifelong Study Sec. of Oamishirasato-city Educational Board, 121-2 Oami, Oamishirasato city, Chiba Prefecture 299-3251, Japan

Tel: 0475-70-0380  Fax: 0475-72-9115  

Home Page: http://osifa.jimdo.com


Main Board members:
Chairman Mr. Takafumi Tamura
Vice Chairman Ms. Sanae Furuuchi, Mr. Toshitsugu Hashimoto,

Ms. Ann Chizu Hirai
Managing Director Ms. Tomoko Tosaka
14 Directors & 2 Auditors

Message from Chairman Mr. Takafumi Tamura:
Oamishirasato International Friendship Association was established in 1994. Due to the rapid globalization of Japanese society, we realize that there are now frequent encounters with people from foreign countries in our own town these days. Under these circumstances, we believe it is quite important for our association to promote multi-cultural coexistence plans as the third key factor of internationalization within our society. To make our city both livable and a nice place to stay for all of our citizens and foreign residents, we would like to start with the promotion of assistance for communication among local communities and citizens. Your sincere cooperation and understanding for our objective will be very much appreciated. Please join our association to work together with us. 

Purpose of the organization:
The purpose of the organization is to promote international exchange, cooperation and multi-cultural coexistence in the fields of education, culture, sports, industrial economy and other various areas among local citizens and foreign residents. We believe that this will contribute to the preservation of world peace and the creation of a society open to the world.


Membership: 84 as of December 20, 2018 

Annual membership fee:
\2,000 for Japanese individual membership, \3,000 for family membership, \1,000 for foreign or student membership and \5,000 for group membership


In 1993, the town government of Oamishirasato set up the plan and the organization called “The Wings of Youths”. Its purpose was to bring up leaders suitable for international exchange and communication by dispatching the active members of various parties of the town to foreign countries to acquire international sensibility and knowledge. In accordance with this plan, our association was established in 1994 and we have been engaging in various international activities ever since. Our association consists of five committees, the Multicultural Society Committee, Interchange Committee, Training and Study Committee, Japanese Language Class Committee, and Public Relations Committee which promote various activities for our organization.

Some of our major activities:
1. International Food Culture Exchange party

We have a party with foreign residents living here and in surrounding areas once a year. Foreign residents from China, Taiwan, Philippines, the Americas, and some other countries and areas bring in their ethnic foods to introduce to the attendants of the party while Japanese members serve authentic Japanese foods like sushi rolls, fried chicken and pork miso soup. We enjoy games and some entertainments performed by the participants. About 90 to 100 people participate in the party every year.

2. International Exchange Party with the foreign students of Josai International University

 In every autumn, an international exchange party is held with the foreign students of Josai International University at their Togane Campus. The speech contest performed in Japanese by the foreign students is very pleasant and encouraging for the students and our members.                           After the performances, we enjoy a party with the students and their teachers at the faculty lounge.

3. Bus tour excursion

 Once a year, we organize a bus tour for our members to art museums, special events, and spots in Tokyo, Yokohama and other areas.     A gorgeous luncheon plan in the tour also lures the members to join. The bus for the tour will be provided by the city government to assist in our association’s objective. Therefore, we can enjoy more affordable tours.

 4. Group tour overseas

We organize a group tour to visit nearby areas and countries once a year.        The purpose of our tours will be to promote international exchanges with similar parties in other countries.        We have many foreign parties to meet with from our past encounters. Sightseeing is also a pleasure for participants.

5. English conversation classes
   Two English conversation classes for the members are provided.    A beginner class is held every Thursday and an intermediate class is  held every Friday at the city community centers. Very able American teachers dispatched by the City Education Board give students pleasant opportunities to brush up on their English and the sense of internationalization. Conversation amongst each other after lessons is a good opportunity for exchange of information and friendship as well.

6. Japanese language classes for foreign residents
   We started to provide Japanese language classes for foreign residents since the fall of 2015 in collaboration with the City of Oamishirasato. The classes are offered on the every first, second and third Saturday morning at the community center of the city.

7. Global Cafe as a place for gathering and chatting with residents

We open a cafe once in a month on Saturday afternoon as a place for free gathering and chatting over coffee. Anybody may join to enjoy meeting and talking with other visitors. We play games, exchange information, and practice conversation in foreign languages as well as in Japanese.
  Usually the cafe opens on every 3rd Saturday afternoon from 1:30 ~4:00. Visitors may come in any time. No admission fee is required.

8. Activities to make our city livable for foreign residents
    In 2015 the city government started to study how to make our city livable for foreign residents here. They set up the Multicultural Coexistence Promotion Conference to make up the promotion plan. Our four members were selected as the council of the Conference.